Are you a Health Technology struggling to get into the Health Care system?

Emerging Health Technology Companies 

are under increased pressure to build momentum with their enterprise solutions.

So why is it so hard to transition from “I like your solution” to “I want your solution?”

Health Care Systems are constantly being stalked by companies, like yours, that claim to be the solution that they need.  There are a lot of new and innovative solutions ringing their phones, daily! 

What they need to know is that you:

  • Understand their company, business, and end users,
  • Know how their health system works and how you can fix a problem, not create problems,
  • Have a sustainable and scalable go to market strategy,
  • Will deliver on the results that you claim, delivering an improved and more effective end user experience.

Without you demonstrating this, how will they know that you can do what you say!

The Good News?

Sylvia and Open Circles’ bring our unique experience to emerging health technology companies who are ready to have their solutions included in the health care system.

We know the complexities of the health care system from many perspectives including:

Employers, Health Plans, Providers, and End Users.    

We consult within the areas that we have found are the most problematic:
  • Communicating your value proposition;
  • Illustrating effectiveness with the health care system;
  • Defining cost structures and sales cycles;
  • Learning legal complexities such as HIPAA;
  • Connecting with health care system management styles.
Our clients benefit by getting the results they are looking for including:
  • Showing why they are different than other similar solutions;
  • Creating a strategic plan to fit into the health care structure;
  • Executing their solution in a thoughtful way to scale and grow;
  • Incorporating project execution skills that will carry forward;
  • Educated on answers to questions before they are even asked.

Why choose Sylvia and Open Circles?

  • We’ve worked in large global employers.  We have the insight into what employers need and require to form a partnership.
  • We’ve managed offerings from within Health Plans and Health Systems, we know their influence on your service.
  • We engage as Human Resource Consultants, we live the role of this relationship and how it impacts you.

We believe when your end users buy into their own health and wellness, that internal motivation creates results that are significant and far superior to healthcare savings.  Your health care technology gets them there.  As a health care technology company, you may only be steps away from making a dynamic and innovative impact to the health care system.  Discover how close you are today.



After years in the health and wellness world, I’ve come to appreciate the challenges that make it difficult for new solution to team up with employers and health plans to provide effective health and wellness solutions.  I believe we should have access to solutions that improve our lives and that a “one to many” approach is a great way to make that happen.

After all, we know that healthy people are happier, more engaged in their work, and more productive in the world.

Open Circles is committed to helping smart, savvy people discover the freedom of creating optimal health.  We are all here to help each other make a difference in the world and that HEALTH and WELLNESS is about bringing the most out of life so that we are mentally, emotionally and physically at ease.

Oh yeah! There’s one more huge benefit to working with Sylvia…

Welcome to

The Table

Are you as overwhelmed by everything we’re supposed to do or not do around food? Should we be paleo, Keto, gluten-free, plant-based, no carbs, high fat, vegetarian, vegan…or what? How are we supposed to know what’s right, who to listen to and what to believe?  And how are we supposed to do any of it with our busy schedules, long commutes, and needed family time?

The Table is a dynamic community to support open-minded, curious people (like you) who want to enrich your lives and your food choices with information, inspiration and support. And receive all of that at exactly the level you want it.

Ready to learn more about how Open Circles can support your emerging company?

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