ReEnvision Employee Health

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The future of our organizations is driven by:

Rapid changes to our workplace given remote working, safety needs, and stable work requirements.

Technology that increases innovation and decreases administration.

Employers need to deliver energizing and supportive work experiences.

Urgent need for Human Resources to add value despite conflicting compliance-related responsibilities.

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

– Steve Jobs


Here’s How We Help

Open Circles is your partner in reenvisioning and implementing health programs that connect the physical, mental, and social health of our employees. 

Gain a better understanding of what your employees need.

Prioritize the employee needs of your business.

Measure the impact of your strategies and programs.

Transform transactional data into predictive and proactive insights.


Solve problems and identify hidden issues.

Companies with Improved Employee Experience

3x more likely to perform better

11.5x named as “Best Places to Work”

4.4x featured as Most In-Demand Employers

2x featured in the American Customer Satisfaction Index

28x listed more often as Fast Company’s Most Innovative

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage

More Effective Managers and Teams

Adopting the use of analytics in people program decision making has demonstrated improvement if results related to:

  56% of employees have a better experience
  22.3 Billion in turnover.

Here’s What We Do

We focus on 3 intentional areas through our Open Sight Analytics model that has demonstrated healthier and more effective organizations.



Focus on defining a process given your questions, informational needs, and capacity to create a process that your team can maintain.

  • Assessments of your data, processes, and workflows.

  • Design and implementation of a data management system given existing or new HRIS systems.

  • Hand’s on collaboration through the entire lifecycle of data systems including data orchestration, data analysis, and building reporting and visualization tools.

  • Evaluation of your current data solutions, identify gaps, make recommendations, and implement solutions.

  • Technical assistance and project management services.


Prepare to successfully lead or be an integral part of the ongoing implementation process. Learn the primary components needed to implement and maintain a successful implementation and measurement function.

  • Learn methods for reading and presenting analytics and insights.

  • Explore tools that help to gain insight into the data.

  • Prepare to effectively communicate information and insights.

  • Gain cognitive competence in the area of data and analytics.


Implement a plan to improve collaboration with organizational groups and leaders.

  • Improve collaboration between human resources, organizational departments, and leaders to gain perspective and identify the best solutions.

  • Build business relationships throughout organizational departments.

  • Solicit insight into problems and opportunities.

  • Define questions that allow for collaboration and heighten insight into existing programs.

  • Facilitate the process of engaging with key stakeholders early, before final decisions are implemented.

Why Sylvia & Open Circles

We bring our unique experience to human resources analytics

  • Professional experience within organizational employee health for local and global organizations
  • Skilled in designing and delivering training to students and professionals
  • Passion for positive employee experiences
  • Real-world people analytic experience
  • Experience with Tableau as a visualization tool

Find out how Open Circles, Inc. can help.

Contact Open Circles to begin exploring how we can support your organization.

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