Sylvia’s Opinion on Coconut Oil

Sylvia’s Opinion on Coconut Oil

By now we’ve all heard the buzz about Coconut Oil. Is it good for me or is it bad for me?

The primary criticism about coconut oil is that it is a saturated fat. You are likely familiar with the saturated fats in meat and how too much is bad for your heart.

There’s been a lot of new research on coconut oil and despite it being a saturated fat, we are finding that is has some positive health benefits.

  • A different type of saturated fat (medium-chain) and tends to metabolize quicker and is harder for us to store.
  • Great energy source
  • Eliminates disease and lower inflammation.
  • High smoke point which means you can cook at higher heats than many other polysaturated or monosaturated oils.

Sounds good, right?! And it is. Just like anything else….variety and moderation is key.  Here are 5 ways I use it:

  1. My oil of choice when I want to add an earthy flavor to my stir-fry.
  2. A ½ teaspoon in my morning coffee cuts the acidity and provides a nice flavor.
  3. When baking, I used 1:1 in place of butter to deliver a lower cholesterol and vegan muffin.
  4. It’s a wonderful moisturizer and it’s natural.
  5. Add to my bath along with any other oils. Coconut oil is a good skin conditioner and a contributor to a relaxing bath.

Be sure to purchase 100% organic coconut oil.  It can get expensive so consider buying in bulk from your healthy food store.

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