Hi, I’m Sylvia.


ReEnvision Health is my podcast where we explore the intersection of health, technology, and work.


  • Because our health world is being revolutionized.
  • Lots of industries are hyper-engaged and invested in transforming health access, options, and usage.
  • But don’t forget, we are the ones impacted, in ways that are good and bad.

Let’s make informed health decisions for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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Fusing Life, Work, and Yoga

Season 3, Episode 1

In this episode, I talk to Marisa LaValette, a Bay Area-based yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, and the founder of the online women’s wellness community and podcast Attune + Align. Women work with Marisa 1:1 or in her monthly membership to attune to the calling of their heart and align their lives accordingly through yoga, healthy eating, and career transitions.

We discuss the impact of yoga on our health and how it is incorporated into 53% of workplace wellness plans. We end the podcast hearing Marisa’s tip on how to get started with your yoga health right now.

Today’s Guest

Marisa LaValette, yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and the founder of the online women’s wellness community and podcast Attune + Align.


Vegan Hood Chefs: Organizing, Creativity, & Food

Season 2, Episode 6


My guests for this podcast are Ronnishia Johnson and Rheema Calloway, known as the Vegan Hood Chefs.  The Vegan Hood Chefs use their culinary work to exercise their mission to provide nutrition education and healthy vegan food to disenfranchised communities.  They specialize in turning many of our soul food and American style favorites into delicious vegan meals.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Why vegan?  What the data and experience have shown
  • How Ronnisha and Rheema made the transition and how they help others
  • Challenges in our world with food distribution
  • Culture, philosophies and real-life experience with food

Today’s Guest

The Vegan Hood Chefs / Ronnishia Johnson and Rheema Calloway

Join me!

We’ll be exploring what’s going on in the health world while figuring out:

  • How we insert ourselves into this dynamic, changing, and somewhat unpredictable health world?
  • Why we should be thinking about or re-envisioning our health or health issues?
  • What’s out there and what can we tap into?
  • How do we get over, through, and around the obstacles?

Twice each month we’ll be talking to:

  • Technology and business leaders that are transforming health.
  • Those bringing information and alternatives that are real and accessible.
  • People who have actually engaged and made this new health world work for them.

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