Hi, I’m Sylvia.

ReEnvision Health is my podcast where I invite you to explore the space of health, technology, and information.

Wow! Whether or not you’ve noticed it yet, our health world is being revolutionized.  We are experiencing the most dynamic, changing, and unpredictable growth that we’ve felt in our lives.  Why?  Because interest in health is escalating!  As that interest increases, leaders in technology, business, and many other industries are hyper-engaged in transforming health access, options and usage. 


We are the ones impacted, both in good ways and not so good ways. So let’s figure it out and make sure we are giving to ourselves and those we love and care for, the best health options we can.

Join me!

We’ll be exploring what’s going on in the health world while figuring out:

  • How we insert ourselves into this dynamic, changing, and somewhat unpredictable health world?
  • Why we should be thinking about or re-envisioning our health or health issues?
  • What’s out there and what can we tap into?
  • How do we get over, through, and around the obstacles?

Twice each month we’ll be talking to:

  • Technology and business leaders that are transforming health.
  • Those bringing information and alternatives that are real and accessible.
  • People who have actually engaged and made this new health world work for them.

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