Health Technology Companies

As a health technology company

  • You’re passionate about your solution.
  • You’ve designed the perfect offering for make a difference in health care
  • You’re ready to expand your influence
  • You believe your solution will make a difference

Ways We Support You

Start Up

  • Identify platform suitability
  • Define actual and perceived competitiveness
  • Develop return on investment modeling
  • Create strategy to move into the health care system

Ready for Clients

  • Execute pilots
  • Build Go to Market strategy
  • Manage unique sales and budget cycles
  • Identify and connect to your “best client”
  • Build visibility within your market
  • Define your value


  • Identify gaps and overlaps in processes
  • Manage a favorable proposal process
  • Measure and optimize results
  • Coach for ongoing strategic client partnerships

Results You Can Expect

  • Show why your different and better than your competition
  • Demonstrate you know how you fit within your client’s structure
  • Execute for scale and growth
  • Have the answers before they’re asked
  • Give your clients confidence in your service
  • Be strategic and effective with your engagement strategy
  • Get enterprises to partner with you for your solution
  • Proactively develop a successful partnership
  • Get Clients and Grow!

Our Process

Contact us for an initial call.  We’ll identify a custom strategy in line with your culture and needs.

Ready to Get Started? Or Have Some Questions?

Fill out the form below and Sylvia will get back to you right away. You can also reach out to her directly by email or phone at or (415) 309-7115.

If you have something else in mind, please feel free to email or call me at or (415) 309-7115.

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